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Specialist 4-wheel laser alignment

Has your vehicle suddenly become bumpy and tiring to drive? Have you booked your vehicle in for a wheel alignment service yet? When you bring your vehicle down to GMW of Haywards Heath, our team are here to conduct an alignment service, restoring the smoothness of your drive. Over time and through driving on unmaintained roads, the wheel alignment of your vehicle can be knocked out of place, resulting in your vehicle pulling to one side, struggling to drive smoothly in a straight line. The wheel alignment, often referred to as tracking is a service required to readjust the set angles of the wheels to the body of the vehicle set by manufacturers specifications.


Experienced restoration

When you bring your vehicle down to our garage in West Sussex, our team can complete a reliable and experienced wheel alignment service. Using our specialist 4-wheel laser wheel alignment tools, setting the alignment to your manufacturers recommended specifications. If you are aware that the alignment has been knocked out of place you may be unaware that by ignoring it can cost you money in the long run.

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Reduced running cost

Many drivers are unaware but driving a vehicle with the wheel alignment knocked out of place can cost the driver money in the long run. With the vehicle pulling to one side, the wheels on the side of the vehicle where it is pulling are prone to wearing quicker than the tyres on the other side and will results in the change of tyres more frequently. The driver will also have to spend more in petrol over time as their vehicle will be struggling to run and will use more petrol to move the vehicle forward as smoothly as possible.


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Whether you want to save money on running costs or smooth your drive that has become tiring, you can be confident when you book your vehicle in for a wheel alignment at GMW of Haywards Heath. Here to complete a specialist wheel alignment, our team can restore the running of your vehicle making driving enjoyable once again. To book a wheel alignment at our garage in Haywards Heath use our quick, easy and free online booking tool at a time convenient to you.

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