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Vehicle restoration

Are you looking to restore the condition of your vehicle, conducting the needed repairs to keep it running smoothly for the months ahead? When you bring your vehicle down to GMW of Haywards Heath, you can be confident that our experienced team have the condition of your vehicle in their capable hands. At our experienced family run garage we have built up an exceptional reputation through 15 years in the industry, working to keep your vehicle running to its optimum capacity.

Breakdown prevention

When we complete all the required repairs of faults that have built up over the months, our team can work hard to ensure that your vehicle has a lower rate of breaking down in the year ahead. A vehicle that has had all the required repairs having been conducted is in a healthier condition and become cheaper to run, through all the parts running fault free to their best condition. Be confident in the condition of your vehicle and book a vehicle service at GMW.


Interim and Full service

Offering a range of vehicle servicing options for drivers in the West Sussex area, we have a package for you and your vehicle, allowing our team to restore the condition of your car. Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, our team can complete a service checking the overall condition of your vehicle while changing those vital oils to keep your vehicle driving smoothly. If during a service at GMW of Haywards Heath, a fault has been discovered, on your permission our team can complete those required repairs to get your vehicle back up to scratch.

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Genuine repair parts

If a fault has been highlighted during a vehicle service, our team can work quickly to restore the condition of your vehicle with the use of genuine repair parts. Using high-quality repair parts, our team can ensure that all our results are to the highest standard but also, so you can be confident in the quality of the repairs, helping to keep your vehicle running to its best condition possible.

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If you are looking for a reliable garage to conduct vehicle servicing to maintain the condition of your vehicle, then look no further than GMW of Haywards Heath. Here to offer their years of experience in the motoring industry, our team offer a service package suited to your vehicle. Reducing your chances of breaking down and reducing the overall running costs, to book a vehicle service at GMW use our quick, easy and free online booking tool.

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