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Your MOT is a yearly required test on all vehicles over the age of three and has been designed to highlight any newly developed faults that could endanger the driver but also keep your vehicle running smoothly for the year ahead. For many drivers when it comes to booking their beloved car in for an MOT, they like to look around for a test centre that they can trust, that won’t let them down. When you bring your vehicle down to GMW of Haywards Heath, you can confident that our experienced VOSA approved test centre is here to complete a level of inspection that you deserve.


Accurate vehicle inspections

Drivers often dread the arrival of their MOT, associating this annual test with the discovery of many unknown faults that they were unaware that existed. The discovery of this unknown faults that can be highlighted during your annual MOT will all need to be repaired before your vehicle can be deemed as safe, adding up and costing you the owner more money in repairs than anticipated. When you allow our experienced team at our family run garage to complete those required repairs, you can be confident inaccurate repairs to the national required standard.

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Thorough inspections

When completing your MOT required every year, our experienced team can complete your yearly test on all Class 4 vehicles in our 1 MOT bay and 3 test bays. When you book an MOT at GMW of Haywards Heath, our team are here to complete a large range of thorough inspections, ensuring that the safety of other road users, the environment but also yourself in not endangered. Ever wondered what is included during an MOT that is completed at GMW of Haywards Heath? Our team will inspect your: seat belt, seats, windscreen, windscreen wipers and washer bottle, steering and suspension, along with the lights, horn and condition of the brakes. The condition of your vehicles registration plate, vehicle identification number, fuel system, vehicle emissions and bodywork will also be inspected.


Reliable repairs

If a fault has been discovered that affects the running of your vehicle and needs to be repaired before our team can pass your vehicle, you can be confident that our team have your back. Offering reliable repairs, conducted quickly and accurately, we aim to get your vehicle back up to a safe condition quickly without jeopardising on your safety. Using the highest repair parts, after we restore the condition of your vehicle, our team can complete your retest.

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Need a respected and experienced VOSA MOT test centre to conduct your yearly MOT test for your Class 4 vehicle? Be confident and be certain that GMW of Haywards Heath has your best interests at heart, working to restore the safety and performance of your vehicle. To book an MOT at GMW of Haywards Heath, use our online booking tool today!

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